Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Herta Müller Nobel Prize for Literature

Herta Müller became the 12th woman in 108 years to win the Nobel Prize for Literature last week. She was born in Romania in 1953, but writes in German. She emigrated to Germany in 1987.
Several of her novels have been translated into English.
For more information, see the article by Alison Flood in THE GUARDIAN. There is also a series of 11 pictures on Herta Müller.
Martin Chalmers writes: "It's not a comfortable vision that Müller presents in her novels and essays, but few other contemporary writers can match her understanding of the totality and corrupting effect of dictatorship - and still fewer are able to do so in words that are at once so poetic, that get under the skin and lodge in the mind of the reader."

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