Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Snapshot Day 2010

On Thursday, February 18, 2010, libraries all over Connecticut will be taking a ‘snapshot’ – collecting information to capture the impact that Connecticut libraries have on their communities on a typical day. We’re calling it ‘Snapshot Day.’

Snapshot Day is a joint project of the Connecticut Library Association, the Connecticut State Library and the Connecticut Library Consortium. It is based on a project of the same name created by the New Jersey State Library and the New Jersey Library Association. The aim is to encourage libraries all over Connecticut to collect basic data – how many people use the library on a given day, how many people use computers, attend programs, etc. Connecticut’s libraries are busier than ever these days, with people coming not only to check out books, but use computers, look for a job or attend the many programs our libraries offer. All across the state, libraries are the cornerstones of their communities, places were people come together to visit, learn and share ideas.

On February 18, we hope to capture a slice of life of Connecticut’s libraries. There will be a chance for you to comment on what your library means to you, and to see pictures of other libraries from all over the state on the Snapshot Flickr page. Stop in on February 18
and become a part of Snapshot Day 2010!

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