Monday, July 12, 2010

Who says people don't read books anymore?

Steve Jobs famously declared "People don't read books anymore" back in 2006, and his assertion has been repeated often enough that it has almost become conventional wisdom. Clearly Mr. Jobs has never met the residents of Hamden, CT. Between June 1st and July 9th this year, 62,302 books were checked out of the Hamden Library. It seems like EVERYONE in Hamden is reading books this summer.

And if you also count audio-visual materials, the check-out total climbs to 84,235. While we're thrilled that so many people our using the library, it has made it difficult for our staff to get returned items put back on the shelves as quickly as we'd like. This can make it difficult for people looking for books, since they can end up sitting on our book trucks waiting to be put away. We hope you bear with us during this busy time, as we do our best to make your visit to the library as pleasant and convenient as possible. We just can't always keep up with you voracious Hamden readers! (Take that, Steve Jobs!)

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