Saturday, March 26, 2011

A closer look at art

A painting can depict so much and tell us a lot about the time period it was painted in. Take a closer look at art with the following books, and you might be able to see so much more.

Discovering the Great Masters: The Art Lover's Guide to Understanding Symbols in Paintings. By Paul Crenshaw. Universe, 2009. This book presents a unique design: It pairs each of the 62 featured paintings with a page of die-cut windows that help the reader focus on specific objects or viewpoints.

Food and Feasting in Art. By Silvia Malaguzzi. J.Paul Getty Museum, 2008. What role does food and drink play in art? There is also a chapter on the dining table and its furnishings.

Master Pieces: Making Furniture from Paintings. By Richard Ball and Peter Campbell. Hearst, 1983. Go ahead - design and build furniture as seen in works of art. This book is a visual treat in itself.

Flowers in the Louvre. By Michel Lis and Beatrice Vingtrinier. Flammarion, 2009. This book focuses on floral inspired works in the Louvre's world famous art collection.

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