Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A new public library for Stuttgart

Stuttgart in southern Germany has a new public library! How does this innovative city (known as the "cradle of the automobile") envision a public library in the 21st century? Korean architect Eun Young Yi was chosen to deliver a stunning, yet refreshingly simple design! No doubt, Steve Jobs would have approved of it! Books and people are the focus throughout, delivering a multitude of colors in a mostly white interior, similiar to the design of the new Amsterdam Public Library. There is a Café with a very appealing and smartly chosen name. It is called Café LesBar which means Reading Bar, but "lesbar" in German means also readable! Coincidentally, we just added the book "Brilliant: White in Design" by Linda O'Keeffe to our collection. More pictures of the Stuttgart Library (outside link)

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  1. The new Stuttgart Public Library is a stunning and inviting piece of public architecture! And it is a monument to the continuing, and in fact growing popularity of the hard copy book (versus the digital book). Digital technology changes so rapidly, that I cannot read my electronic books from fifteen years ago. The hardware no longer exists, except in computer museums. But I have no problem cradling and enjoying my hundred-year old books: their handsome looks, their fragrance, their hefty weight, and their personal history will always be delightful.

    Thanks for the great and inspiring blog article!

    A Hamden Library patron and avid reader